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eVox Paging System

IP Paging Alerts Your Entire Network

Broadcasting messages across your entire organization has never been easier with eVoX Paging system.
With more than 5 years experience in engineering and developing Paging system , we are proud to announce

that our paging system has been implemented in two large national projects.



we have implemented EVOX Paging system in the following projects:

  1. Petrochemicals zone  in southern pars (Assalouyeh) <BR> There are more than 20 Petrochemical companies and more than 150 vital locations like fire stations, EOC (emergency Operation Center) , firefighters rooms, clinics and hospitals connected to each other via our eVoX Paging system.  </br> The aim of project was to provide a way that each EOC or fire station center can announce other zones in a moment in case of an incident.  Different location has been connected via fire optics, wireless or leased lines and authorized operation can call other centers, station or send a message through the network, single zone or selected zone. </br> Moreover  following features  has been implemented in our paging system:” </br>
  • Voice and Video conference between operators
  • Call logging and recording
  • VIOP and radio integration, handheld radios  have also been connected to the system
  • Uni cast , Multicast and broad casts
  • advanced level Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
  • Advanced encryption and multi level security for active equipment like wireless link, switches and routers and etc.

2. paging system for Assalouyeh – Bandarabbas gas Pipeline
There are 11 control rooms between this 420km pipeline, operators in both end monitor the control rooms via CCTV and can announce the guardians in case of emergency or  warn thefts or unauthorized persons closing to the unnamed control rooms.