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Etouk Telecom is an innovative and progressive Telecom integrator with over 10 years of successful track record providing IT\telecom services and solutions to public and private sectors in Iran.
With over 10 years of experience , investment in people and facilities, and through strategic alliances with world-wide leaders,Etouk is capable of delivering professionally designed and implemented Telecommunication solutions.
The comprehensive scope of supply we provide for our clients, is shown below:

• Audio visual technologies and video conferencing.

• CCTV Surveillance Systems.

• Fiber Optic Backbone Networks.

• In Plant communication Systems (Plant Alarm and Public and
address systems,industrial Ethernet and industrial telephones)

• IPTV Systems.

• LAN, WAN infrastructure, security and WIFI for voice and Data.

• Metrological Monitoring Systems.

• Microwave Communication networks.

• Perimeter fence Security Systems.

• Radio communication networks.

• Telephone Networks.

• VSAT Satellite Links.

• Turnkey Project Management.

• Networks & Site Design and Planning.

• Networks Optimization.

• Equipment Supply & Procurement.

• Installation Supervision & Construction of Infrastructures.

• Commissioning & Start-up.

• Training & Maintenance.